8 Best States For When SHTF

There’s no place like your home state when the SHTF.

Emergencies and disasters can turn the entire into a division between preppers and panic buyers in a matter of just a few weeks.

These emergencies can mean that markets crash, and economies get rattled to their core. All of us can imagine what could happen during such an event.

Even if you aren’t a survivalist or prepper, being prepared for anything is crucial. Having enough stocks to last for a few months of isolation should always be in the back of your mind as a clever consumer.

Emergencies and disasters could happen to us at any point in time: How prepared are you?

Whether you’re snowed in or locked down, there’s no place like your home state. Travel is often times a limited luxury or a total impossibility when the SHTF – and you might have to rely on the resources of your town, city or state to get by.

How well do you know your state? Every state has something that makes it special. That something could very well be your saving grace in the event of an emergency or disaster situation that affects the world, the state or the neighborhood.

Best U.S. States When SHTF
1. Georgia

Reason: The Georgia Guidestones

When the SHTF with a devastating effect on humanity, we have no realistic idea how much of the infrastructure could be affected or how much information could be lost in the process: Surely nobody thought that the London Fire would happen – yet records and buildings were still destroyed in the event. Humanity might not see the next disaster on the way.

If we have to rebuild from the ground up, there are the Georgia Guidestones: A monument in Elbert County Georgia that has 10 guidelines for an apocalyptic rebuilding of the future. The monument is printed in several modern languages and ancient ones.

While it advocates questionable methods (such as control of the world population) that are considered arcane today, it does a few other useful things: It functions as a clock, a compass and a measurement standard just in case.

2. New York

Reason: Disaster Recovery

Disasters are scary to imagine but being prepared for anything means that you can likely pick yourself up (or sustain yourself and loved ones) for longer in the event that disaster hits.

NYC has been hit by many disasters. None have been more notorious or damaging than the events of 9/11.

For the city-wide efforts that went in immediate disaster preparedness and recovering what they could over months (and even decades) to follow, NYC ranks highly on the list of one of the best states to live in.

3. Ohio

Reason: Natural Resources

Ohio ranks high on the list when it comes to open spaces and access to natural resources. Both of these are things that other states might have to stock up on in an emergency.

Soybeans, corn and dairy are listed amongst the top five items produced by the state of Ohio. This might vary depending on what city or area you’re in.

It’s a great place to be for living close to nature – and for being able to be more prepared if the stocks run out in the stores by having ample space and resources to grow your own.

4. Florida

Reason: Access to the Water

One of the first things to realize about preparedness is the fact that all biospheres have their benefits. All areas might also have their drawbacks. It depends where you are, how far you live from the city, how prepared you are as an individual or group – and what kind of disaster strikes.

Some parts of Florida have direct access to ports, which might be a safer or better way to travel in the event that:

(1) Roads are blocked up due to emergencies and your situation requires getting out and away.

(2) Travel restrictions do not allow for other forms of travel such as air or road but do allow for water-based travel.

Access to water can also mean a docked place to hang out. There are yacht and boat rentals available here; Many people might be lucky enough to have access to a home or shelter on the water.

5. Colorado

Reason: Farming and Resources

Colorado is another resource-rich state that anyone can consider themselves lucky to live in.

Colorado produces, manufactures or farms a great deal of products that are incredibly useful in the event of an emergency or disaster: First, Colorado ranks highly in the production of electronic equipment – and this might be what it takes to stay connected in the event that communications are affected due to disaster events.

Top products in Colorado also include the production of animal feed – incredibly useful for anyone lucky enough to work with cattle, another potentially essential resource – and the brewing of beer and bottling of other products.

Resources can run scarce in the event of serious emergencies and disasters: Industrious states that can provide these resources to other parts (or have access to them right there) are lucky and which resources these are become important.

6. Louisiana

Reason: Disaster Recovery

New Orleans is known for many things, including an incredibly diverse menu of dishes inspired by a combination of history, recipes passed on and modern cooking additions. These are not the only elements that could make the state a great one to be in if the SHTF.

Disaster can happen anywhere in the world: When it happened in New Orleans with Hurricane Katrina, a strong collaborative effort was seen almost immediately. It took working together as much as possible for the state to rebuild.

Should another event happen, collaboration and response to serious disasters counts as incredibly important: There are many things that can be learned from how Hurricane Katrina was handled.

7. Hawaii

Reason: Natural Resources

Hawaii is another state that happens to be known for its recipes and cooking techniques – some of which can be counted useful and potentially lifesaving in the event of an emergency.

Fire pits are a traditional method of cooking here. In the event of certain emergencies (or away from emergencies as part of the essential tradition) this is an incredibly useful way to produce heat, food and light at once. The resources to do so can be found in your immediate environment even in a serious emergency.

Hawaii is also unique due to the agricultural landscape: Top products include sugar cane and pineapples.

Having the resource to produce food in a favorable climate could be one of the most important things for disaster preparedness – and Hawaii is surely a rich state.

8. Texas

Reason: Location

Texas has many benefits, including production of a signature alcohol that most people in the world have either heard about or tasted themselves as well as a rich agricultural landscape that allows for the farming of cattle and production of other natural resources.

Alcohol can be applied a disinfectant and cleaner – and that’s not to mention any of the other uses it might have, including a way to create heat.

Texas has a lot of wide-open spaces that can be used for either temporary or more permanent shelter in the event of an emergency, and an ideal environment for growing, cultivating or keeping several natural resources.

Now, make sure you have survival maps to navigate these states if SHTF.

Author: Survival Cache

Source: Survival Cache: 8 Best States for When SHTF – No Place Like Home!

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