Looters End Up On The Wrong Side of 2A

SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS — Pictures and video on social media from the riots across the Country is keeping us busy, and one thing we’re looking out for is armed citizens acting in self-defense.

Once such instance seems to have occurred in San Antonio as a group of looters tried entering a store.

In the video, we can see multiple people stealing items and breaking windows, but then things change. It all starts when a woman in the crowd notices something inside one of the stores, and we’re under the impression that what she sees is a person inside with a gun.

She tells people to move and get out of the way, and shortly after, multiple shots ring out and the crowd scatters in all directions.

Since these videos are coming in so quickly, we haven’t yet been able to find any news story that covers this incident, and there likely isn’t one just yet. These times are very fluid, things are happening quickly, and we’re attempting to stay on top of things.

Here are some more stories that we’ve covered from the riots:

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Author: Brandon Curtis

Source: Concealed Nation: [VIDEO] Looters Shot In San Antonio During Riot

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