Plain Clothed Officer Goes Beast Mode While Shot Twice

Shocking security camera footage from southern Brazil shows a close quarters gun battle between an undercover cop and two armed robbers at a pharmacy.

The plain clothed officer must be commended for his situational awareness as he was able to identify and take action against the threat as soon as they bursted in the door. He engaged the closest subject, dropping him, and then shot the second one.

While he engages the second offender, the wounded robber fires at the undercover cop, hitting him twice in the legs. The officer then maneuvers back around a shelf and engages the attacker, hitting him multiple times.

According to the report, the attacker in blue died at the scene, while the second criminal was arrested. The officer underwent surgery and survived his wounds.

Author: Will

Source: Funker530: Undercover Cop Shot Twice While Taking Down 2 Armed Robbers

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